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Veg Gulati Is The Ultimate Destination In Delhi For Pure Vegetarian Delicacies. The Restaurant is famous for it's north Indian Punjabi food and also for Jain & Sattvik food (without onion & garlic).
Indian vegetarian cuisine, one of the oldest and the most healthiest ways of life, has for centuries fascinated food lovers around the world. And that is why centuries back we had the Spanish, Portuguese and other Europeans coming to buy our spices and herbs. The cuisine, rich with the taste and aroma of history, is a delightful experience. With today's stress of high pressure living, health has become a major concern for all of us, and thus vegetarianism has become an important gastronomic movement, which is also growing rapidly in the west. To cater this wave of health consciousness, we at Veg Gulati offer you a nutritious and hygienic journey through traditional vegetarian delicacies. Our master chefs create for you a tempting array of dishes with love, affection, and pure ingredients to bring out the romance of Indian vegetarian food!!

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We use high quality ingredients to produce every meal right by our master chefs.

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We hand your meal to one of our trusted delivery boys who will bring straight to your door.

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Treat yourself with a bowl full of happiness everyday, thanks to our awesome creative chefs!

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Our food has become one of the most renowned meals that you are craving for.

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  • Veg Gulati, Pandara Road - 8, Pandara Road Market, ND 110003 ( A UNIT OF GULATI FOODS PVT LTD)
    New Delhi

  • Veg Gulati, Green Park S-32, 1st & 2 nd floor, Green Park Main Market, ND 110016 ( A UNIT OF GULATI FOODS PVT LTD)
    New Delhi

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